Mata Angin

Earthquake which shocked the world

Today I again remember a horrible message which i received about the time of the earthquake in Sumatra and its relation in the year of 2009 with the Qur'an. It reads ".... earthquake in West Sumatra at 17:15 and 17:58, the earthquake in Jambi at 8:52 ..." look at the Qur'an.

I was stunned ... "Mashallah meaning of Surah 17 (Al-Israa) and 8 (al-Anfal) incredible surprise me. All talked about doom received the Noah and penalties for laknatullah Pharaoh. "
Wow ... why so yes ... people try mengkait - disaster associate with the Qur'an ... associative insinuative (forced associated yes terkaitlah). Then came the fundamental question ... what yes hundreds, perhaps thousands of people were killed and buried in West Sumatra and Jambi is a servant of God what is wrong and deserves punishment of entry criteria ????

How ... is worth doom 300 tigo mountain valley residents who buried avalanche, or dozens of children in southern Pariaman buried in a mosque at the time when they were chanting - middle glorify God. Then there are those linking earthquakes with the inauguration of 550 members The new parliament, which was considered waste and menzholimi many people, so God gave warning to the earthquake in West Sumatra.

You know why ?? Allah the Most Just, All-Rahman and Rahim ... if that zholim the House, then why West Sumatra punished ??? Why not Parliament are sunk into the ground as well as Qarun laknatullah or ambrukkan alone building filled with the badness ...Why not think that hundreds / thousands of earthquake victims are actually glorified God with revoked his life so as not to become a victim keZholiman. Appointed ennobled by God in order to hasten the paradise of extraordinary beauty of the lingering in the world rather than suffering in the world.

Do we not think, do not - do not be left today are the ones who wrongdoing. And now awaiting a grievous Penalty God to be destroyed by sehancur -hancurnya ???
May God save us.

Imagine earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 SR Lake just scary enough people in Jakarta, even some minor building damage. Though the epicenter enough distance away from the capital. What if another earthquake with a large 12 SR ??? Like what are the capital's full story building ???
So remember this song
" God you are near, full of love
thee let thy servant I would never cry
Because generosity ... Because Love Thee ... "

What is the father

Nurturing and condition seems to really be part of the job of parents. Conditioning that's what I was doing with our first child cletukan, Khalil Khalil aka Acyuta Hafiidh Indrawan. The story a few nights ago while browsing some campuses - the world's top campus dikamar sleep, I was accosted by a sweet Khalil question, "What is a father .." "The symbol of the University nak" I replied. "What father University ??" he asked again " Harvard , is the best school in the world, son ... "" Khalil want schools in Harvard Dad "he said, casually Khalil was heading to bed while holding a toy plane. And then He returned to playing with a toy airplane imagine that generally has not worth mentioning again but more suitable aircraft called a boat or plane wreckage ... which he hit a rocket exploded ....

I turned my flash view of my beloved wife apparently had fallen asleep from exhaustion work and the youngest ngelonin Khafi Dheva Adhzeem Indrawan (long yes our child's name).
"Yes, son you can definitely ... Hopefully we are able ... Whatever though it may just your remarks" inner me. But from then on, if asked "Khalil want schools where ??" he would reply with a firm "Harvard".

Maintain continue to dream - my dear ... fulfill your task to guide fathers and provide everything for the sake of your education Ahh always ringing words - khalil word " Harvard father ... harvard ... "

Heaven on earth

I am tired today, somehow the work started to become an outstanding drab routine. Though already done a variety of ways to get rid of boredom and saturated already up in this crown crown.

Going home is a very awaited ritual. imagine Khalil opened the door and shouted "father ...." while jumping for joy, as well as funny Khafi trailing behind laughing

and chattering happily "father father ... tu wa ga ju pat pan nam nam ma ma ...." duh beautiful The life of her ...

But unfortunately, our two small sun apparently was asleep. I have a can stare two cute innocent face is quite long as relieving tired .... ah ... my eyeball. It is so pleasant to work with experts.

Welcome Sleep my little angel, we love you,

May God always love you